Friday, May 20, 2005


Okay, I finally got around to turning into something. Too bad I don't have anything to say...


Zane said...

You, sir, are a jackass.

9:26 PM  
Zak said...

Uh... Yeah, but at least I didn't just spend $1700 on a TV I'll never watch!

You'll probably buy an Xbox 360 too, hook it up, play one game on it, then never turn it on again. :)

9:31 PM  
Angie said...

Yeah well, you benefit from his shopping splurges Zak is Mr. "Ej bought (whatever) and sold it to me and now I have the most awesome (gadget of some sort) in the world! MUAH-ha-ha-ha!" ;)

5:23 PM  

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