Friday, March 23, 2007

Hold the Friggin Mayo

We're taking the coastal road back south to Belfast before heading inland to pick up one of the big motorways. Just stopped for lunch at - of all places - McDonald's. They have some kind of bacon quarter pounder thing here so you KNOW I have to try it. :) The place is packed with school kids in the middle of the day for some reason - do they take field trips to McDonald's here?

The burger wasn't anything special. They put a crapload of mayonaise on it and the bacon wasn't even irish cut like we've been getting everywhere else. Although this should be obvious, here's a hint for Americans travelling to Ireland - don't eat at McDonald's. :)

I took this picture from a small beach on Carnlough Bay as we were driving back to the south. Here is another picture of the village of Carnlough across the bay from the beach we were on. It started to rain just as we left the beach and as we drove through Carnlough a few moments later, there were tons of people running into the town church for cover. There were cars parked all along the road, blocking the entire right lane. Thankfully, nobody was going the opposite direction on the road while we were driving through!


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